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Monthly Archives: March 2008
Conceptships Blog: All the Spaceships You Could Want

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Retro Airshp by Ryan Church

Conceptships is a blog that showcases concept art for spaceships, rockets, submarines and… well, just about any imaginary vehicle you may have ever wanted in your garage or hangar. Pictured: ship design by Ryan Church.

New Ceramic Rayguns from Muddy Mountain Pottery – Now With Vintage Glass Insulators

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ceramic & glass ray guns from Muddy Mountain PotteryI’ve written before about these highly cool raku-glazed ceramic rayguns from West Magoon at Muddy Mountain Pottery – but this week, hot on the heels of my post about art glass ray guns, I find that Muddy Mountain’s latest personal disintegration devices incorporate vintage glass insulators (the kind you’d once have seen on telephone and telegraph poles).

These work wonderfully well, as you can see, and there’s something really special about the way these retro ray guns have absorbed some genuinely retro technology. Great idea!

Raku Rayguns from Muddy Mountain PotteryShown above is the Rotwang Retrovivifier (named after the definitively mad scientist of Metropolis) and on the left you see the Lensman DeLameter, a nod to E. E.”Doc” Smith’s lantern-jawed Lensmen.

As you can see, this week marks that long awaited time when glass has become all the rage in ray guns. I think it’s pretty obvious that you’d better get one before the neighbors do. Since these are one-of-a-kind artifacts there’s no risk that Mrs. Nextdoor will accessorize with the same one you’re packing.

Art Glass Rayguns from Joe Blow Glassworks

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glass raygun scultpturesJoe Blow Glassworks of Vancouver, BC hosts this online gallery of blown glass rayguns by Jeff Burnette. The pieces are partly colored, and partly silvered, all during the glassblowing process. Once the parts are complete they’re assembled and then capped with a stainless steel finial.

These are some really nice pieces. Now I understand that out there in the field you may prefer a retro hand blaster that’s made of more durable materials. But honestly, expand your horizons a little. These things are chock-full of awesome.

Klaatu Barada Nikto T-Shirt. It’s Your Civic Duty to Wear One.

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klaatu barada nikto tee shirt

I’m at work on another high resolution picture for posters and prints, but today I just felt moved to do a t-shirt design that’s been in the Idea Closet for, you know, ages.

Because it’s important. Because you really can’t afford the risk of forgetting exactly what to say when the giant robots get their cue to destroy the Earth, can you? And with this on your chest there’s a good chance that at the critical moment, when Gort’s turning his nasty laser on the Capitol, somebody is going to be distracted enough by this t-shirt that they’ll say “Klaatu Barada Nikto?” And thereby save the Earth.

A little The Day the Earth Stood Still. At the critical juncture. Or, really, any other time at all. You need one.

Rik Allen’s Retro Rocket Sculptures in Blown Glass & Metal

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retro rocket sculpture by rik allenThanks to io9 for this wonderful link to the retro science fiction, blown glass rocket sculptures of Rik Allen.

They’re currently on exhibit at Seattle’s Science Fiction Museum (through April 27). Just fantastic stuff; try not to look at the prices if you’d rather not ruin your day.

retro sci fi rocket by rik allen
Basil Wolverton’s 1939 Meteor Morgan Comic at Golden Age Comic Book Stories

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meteor morgan - mail rockets on mars

Mr. Door Tree’s Golden Age Comic Book Stories has posted the first two parts of a 1939 Meteor Morgan story which didn’t see print until 1975. Love the inking. Love the rockets.

The story’s by Basil Woverton, who had a long career in comics, but who’s not well represented in print collections – at least at the moment.

meteor morgan vintage sci fi comicMeteor Morgan, Page One Meteor Morgan, Page Two Meteor Morgan, Page Three Meteor Morgan, Page Four Meteor Morgan, Page Five Meteor Morgan, Page Six

Andy Murdoch’s Automatron Character Animation System, Now on Sale

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Automatron Character Animation System

Big-brained Andy Murdock has gone mad, I tell you, mad! with a deep discount on Automatron, his enormously powerful character animation system for 3DS Max (version 8 or later). It’s a system he designed based on what he needed for his ongoing film project Lots of Robots and it’s chock full of useful features and subtle enhancements.

I was one of the beta testers for the system and although I’m not the smartest tester in the world I was excited by the way it works.

Automatron uses a custom character rig that’s controlled through Maxscript. Once you’ve skinned your character to the rig you can use the Automatron controls to create custom walk and run cycles, pose all or part of a character, load and save any of those settings, and apply post-processing adjustments (like “Harryhausen”, a simulated stop motion effect). There are loads of options for additional IK targets and IK blending.

But wait! There’s more!

Automatron also has a crowd control system that’s been tested with up to 500 characters, and can animate characters moving across surfaces that are also animated. Now how much would you pay?

Normally you’d pay $149.00, which isn’t a bad deal, but through April 30th Andy’s dropped this to the low, low price of $49 – and although Automatron doesn’t require a license on a render farm’s nodes, the program can be licensed on two separate machines.

And if you haven’t seen Lots of Robots, well, you should, you slacker. The DVDs include Max tutorials for many of the techniques and effects he uses.

Time Travel Mart Opens in Los Angeles

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time travel mart

Not long ago – right after my region’s worst ice storm in 18 years, followed by a blizzard that dumped 20″ of snow on our heads, a friend of mine asked if I wasn’t missing Southern California. And I wasn’t. But today, I wish I were back there – and it’s all because of Echo Park’s Time Travel Mart.

Yep. Whenever you’re going, the goods you need are right here in this handy convenience store for time travellers: Robot Milk, “Golden Horde” powdered mare’s milk, Barbarian Repellent, Anti-Robot Fluid… the list goes on and on. And bargains! I mean, even at Amazon you won’t find a better deal on anything that’s guaranteed to Satisfy Cavemen’s Chewing Needs!

So yes, Jean, today I do wish I was back in the old neighborhood.

New Photos of Go Hero’s Classic Buck Rogers Figure

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Buck Rogers Figurine in progress

Steve Forde of Go Hero has posted some work-in-progress photographs of his classic Buck Rogers figure; it’s a 1/6 scale figure and I’ve been wondering what exactly Forde was going to come up with at that scale. These photos are telling me to expect something that’ll be staring at me from my desk. And – as you can see – it will outgun me.

I’ve been hearing about this project for several weeks now and I couldn’t help but wonder how it ties in with the new Buck Rogers comics and merchandising announcement from Dynamite Entertainment. I’m still wondering, but it looks as though the Dille Family Trust is suddenly lighting fires under all sorts of pots.

I’m sure we’ll have to wait quite some time before we see what Dynamite comes up with. In the meantime, I’m getting pretty interested in this little guy from Go Hero.

Genetically Enhanced Dachsund Builds Projectile Weapon, Demands Tribute

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