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Monthly Archives: February 2019
Here’s what’s coming to Patreon in February

Filed under Works in Progress

Patreon Line-up for February

Here we are in February. Have a good one!

If you’re not sure why Patreon has become so important to me, you can read all about that here.

Yeah. That was depressing, wasn’t it? So let me try to cheer you up with the rewards my Patrons will receive this month.

February 6 (for Patrons at $5 and above)

W. B. Yeats’ poem The Hosting of the Sidhe with my 1982 illustration for it, from Runestaff #5.

February 13 (for Patrons at $15 and above)

Two print-resolution Celtic knotwork borders at greeting card size, with transparent areas inside the borders. If you have image editing software you can place your own picture or message inside the border.

(These are for personal use only.)

February 20 (for Patrons at $10 and above)

The Chapter 5 first draft from my unfinished sequel to Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom. It’s probably my favorite of the six chapters I wrote.

Don’t tell the other chapters I said so.

February 27 (for Patrons at $1 and above)

The Big Mad Science in Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom examines the way Retropolis has dealt with its abundance of Mad Science. Is there a method behind the madness? Read and decide.

So, as always, $15 patrons will see something every week while the rest will see one, two, or three updates. I hope you enjoy them!

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