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Monthly Archives: September 2013
A Pulp-O-Mizer Halloween; also, more Virgil Finlay covers, and an update on Vika’s Avenger

Filed under Found on the Web, Works in Progress

The PULP-O-MIZER does Halloween

I’ve fed the gaping, cavernous maw of the PULP-O-MIZER with a couple of new Halloween images; you can find them in the "Holidays & Occasions" panel. I’ve been a little remiss about adding holidays over the summer and this is just my horrific and soul-wrenching way of making amends.

In other news, there are even more Virgil Finlay magazine covers over at The Geeky Nerherder. Because you just can’t ever have too much Virgil Finlay.

Virgil Finaly covers at the Geeky Nerfherder

In even more other and completely different news, I may have finished the book design for Lawrence Watt-Evans’ Vika’s Avenger. The last task was the dust jacket for the hardcover edition, and we can’t be sure I’ve nailed it until the author gets back from his travels next week. The eBook editions, Kickstarter bonus PDFs, and interior book layout are all ready to roll after a final round of proofing.

The two hardcover editions are being printed by different companies and that does introduce the potential for eldritch, batrachian evils that have not been seen on this world since its earliest, antedeluvian age… when the Old Ones roared from the steaming craters of ancient volcanos, and the Elder Gods ruled unchallenged from their carven basalt thrones, and people who must not be named got a little too carried away by that whole Halloween thing.

A Plethora of mid-century science fiction art from Mister Doortree’s The Golden Age

Filed under Found on the Web

Although it seems quiet on the blog front, as usual that just means I’m raising dust and pushing pixels elsewhere.

But while I’ve been stapled to something entirely different, the unsleeping scanner of Mister Doortree at The Golden Age has been treating us all to some wonderful old dust jacket and cover art from mid-century science fiction and fantasy. There’s a smörgåsbord of cover art in every link! To wit:

Hannes Bok book jacket art
Hannes Bok

Virgil Finlay Book Cover art
Virgil Finlay

Dust jacket art by Alex Schomburg
Alex Schomburg

Science fiction illustration by Frank R. Paul
Frank R. Paul

Dust jacket art by Edd Cartier
Edd Cartier

Pulp Science fiction nagazine cover by Howard V. Brown
Howard V. Brown

Miscellaneous Sci Fi cover art
Miscellaneous cover artists

There. Don’t say I never gave you anything. I’ll be back soon.

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