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Monthly Archives: November 2008
New Robot Model, with a Turntable Animation

Filed under Computer Graphics, Works in Progress

Myrmidon Robot

(Revised, Nov. 29)

I’m finishing up a new robot character that I’m calling the “Myrmidon” – which, depending on your preference, makes him either an ant or an Homeric warrior. Actually I don’t think either of those is quite right, so we may need to add another definition.

At this point I’ve rendered out a turntable animation to make it easier to find the last little tweaks I want to make, after which I need to set him up with a skeleton and skin him. It. Whatever.

Click through if you’d like to see the animation (about 13.5 megabytes).

No! This is NOT Rocket Science

Filed under Works in Progress

This is NOT Rocket Science

This is a natural counterpoint to my “This IS Rocket Science” T-Shirt design (both are available at the Retropolis Transit Authority) – and, taken together, they’re a handy way to make it absolutely clear to anyone which things are, and which are not. Or, if for instance the poster versions are hung in the same room, they can make many people sort of short circuit and start drooling. Which is also pretty interesting to watch.

As always, or at least as, well, often, this one’s also available on mugs, greeting cards, and blank books.

Ferriss Moto-Man: the Retro Robot You Didn’t Know You Needed

Filed under Works in Progress

It's A Ferriss Moto-Man!

Let me just dust things off here for a moment… yep, that’s dust. I’ll put it… there.

I know it’s been quiet in here lately, and that’s not completely my own idea, honest. But in spite of everything I’ve just finished a new design for t-shirts, blank books, a poster, greeting cards, and whatnot. Whatnot = mugs and stuff.

This is a Retropolitan advertisement for the Mark II version of Ferriss Moto-Man’s Big Lug robot. He’s a handsome and very durable heavy-duty robot who’s perfect for any task you’ve got, provided that task doesn’t need more brainpower than you’d find in your average Pomeranian. He’s big and he’s useful, but he’s not the brightest bulb on the chain, if you know what I mean. But cheer up – he’s Entirely Safe When Used As Directed. Like me, that is, and probably like you too.

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