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Monthly Archives: December 2015
Some magazine covers by Hubert Rogers, along with correspondence about them

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Astounding Stories cover by Hubert Rogers

Doug Ellis recently purchased this painting by Hubert Rogers for the cover of Astounding magazine in April of 1941, and he’s not only shared that with us over at Black Gate but provided several bits of correspondence between the artist and two of the authors he illustrated.

The letters – from L. Sprague deCamp and Robert Heinlein – discuss the paintings and characterizations and, in deCamp’s case, even the picture that one of these would displace on his wall. (It’s a nice Edd Cartier, also shown in the article, and it was only being replaced because it might scare the bejeezus out of the littlest deCamp once he’d figured out what it was.)

Altogether, some interesting insights into the relationships between the authors and at least one of their illustrators. (Thanks to File770 for the link!)

Also, it’s about time that starry briefs made a fashion comeback.

Astounding Stories cover by Hubert Rogers
Unexplained graphic snippets of late 2015

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Thrilling Tales snippets of 2015

Here are a few little graphic non sequiturs; they’re just tiny cropped bits of some things that I’m working on. Because I felt like almost showing them.

My work here is done.

Save 15% on all T-shirts from Retropolis, The Celtic Art Works, and the Pulp-O-Mizer

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T-Shirt sale at Retropolis and The Celtic Art Works

So, here’s the deal: in an apparent commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day (coming up on Monday!), you can save 15% on any T-shirt order from The Retropolis Transit Authority, The Celtic Art Works, or the Pulp-O-Mizer. The sale runs through Monday the 7th. All you have to do is enter the coupon code MERRY15 during your checkout.

And since the sale is running on all my T-shirts, you can combine a whole bunch of shirts from all three of those places and slash a mind-melting 15% off the whole order.

I’d like that; in fact, I wish you’d consider just getting one of everything. But the actual real-world beauty of this sale is that there is no minimum order. You can get the same reduced price on a single shirt, if you like.

But, you know, consider that one of everything idea anyway. You could cover a heck of a lot of torsos that way, believe you me.

But say you’re not shopping at one of those fine web sites because you do all your online shopping at Amazon?

Well. If you happen to be shopping at Amazon, and if maybe you just need to add a little something to get free shipping… you can take advantage of my ongoing Amazon experiment with a selection of Retropolis Transit T-shirts over there. They’re not on sale, but those (slightly lighter) shirts are already priced lower than the ones I sell myself.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. You should probably get every one of those, too.

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