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New Photos of Go Hero’s Classic Buck Rogers Figure

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Buck Rogers Figurine in progress

Steve Forde of Go Hero has posted some work-in-progress photographs of his classic Buck Rogers figure; it’s a 1/6 scale figure and I’ve been wondering what exactly Forde was going to come up with at that scale. These photos are telling me to expect something that’ll be staring at me from my desk. And – as you can see – it will outgun me.

I’ve been hearing about this project for several weeks now and I couldn’t help but wonder how it ties in with the new Buck Rogers comics and merchandising announcement from Dynamite Entertainment. I’m still wondering, but it looks as though the Dille Family Trust is suddenly lighting fires under all sorts of pots.

I’m sure we’ll have to wait quite some time before we see what Dynamite comes up with. In the meantime, I’m getting pretty interested in this little guy from Go Hero.


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