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Monthly Archives: April 2009
T-Shirt Sale!

Filed under Works in Progress

In other news, three of my T-shirt sites are having a really exciting sale this week – the sites are the Retropolis Transit Authority, Saga Shirts, and Hot Wax Tees.

Through Friday, April 17, you can get some great discounts on orders: $5 off a $25 order, $15 off a $50 order, and $35 off a $100 order (before shipping charges or any applicable tax).

So even though math makes my brain hurt, I can see that a $25 order gets 20% off and a $100 order gets 35% off. Nice! That last one is more-or-less a free shirt if you pay for three. The sites use the same checkout, too, so you can mix and match.

Site Redesign at Celtic Art & Retro-Futuristic Design

Filed under Web Development, Works in Progress

It’s been about four years since I did a redesign at my flagship site, Celtic Art & Retro-Futuristic Design. Till now, anyway. Last night I updated the site with a new look and a wider format layout that will better acommodate the continuously growing content that’s been trying to bust out of the pages.

Redesign at Celtic Art & Retro-Futuristic Design

Over the years, that site’s been laid out to work in a browser window that’s 640 pixels wide (2002), 800 pixels wide (2005), and now 1024 pixels wide (2009). It’s always looked good, but each time it’s looked good, well, better.

I can’t let the width grow until I’m inconveniencing a very small percentage of the site’s visitors. Which is, well, now. I watch the stats on my visitors and I can see that very, very few of them are now running their displays at less than 1024 x 768.

Truth to tell, I’m still tinkering with the new version a bit. But that’s normal.

See what you think!

Mabel, the Robot Waitress

Filed under Works in Progress

retro robot waitress

After a long, long hiatus I’ve just finished up a character I’ve been thinking about for years, though I only started working on her last December. She’s Mabel, a robot waitress.

retro-future diner Mabel’s supposed to remind you of that kind of waitress who’s been on her feet for the last forty-five years and still hasn’t had a foot massage. She’s a little cranky, maybe, and both well- and probably ill-used. She reminds me, in fact, of the hostess at a coffee shop I lived near in Los Angeles’ Silverlake neighborhood. There was fake leopardskin. There was big hair.

Anyhow, Mabel ought properly to be skating around the diner on the right: it’s a scene I started, in fact, when I was still living in that neighborhood and which I haven’t finished yet. Maybe I will, this year, now that I’ve got Mabel ready to inhabit it.

But in the meantime I have another five characters to skin – probably my least favorite task – and I’ll likely try to make some headway there. On the other hand I know that if I try to skin them all my head will explode, so there’s just a chance that I’ll escape to the diner someplace in there, too. The head thing makes such an awful mess.

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