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Yves Rossy’s Jet Pack flight over Switzerland

Filed under Found on the Web

Not unlike the German jetpacks I posted about back in January, this is a video of a real-life Rocketeer – Yves Rossy. He reached a speed of 186 mph during this flight over Bex in Switzerland. And his arms weren’t even tired.

The wings he’s wearing here use jet turbine engines and he steers by shifting his body, and yes, this is what I want for my birthday. Though I’d pick another soundtrack… Nat Gonella’s It’s a Pair of Wings for Me would do nicely, thanks.

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One response to “Yves Rossy’s Jet Pack flight over Switzerland
ZenKai says:
August 30th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

Badass tech, god-awful music.

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