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A poster for the Retropolis Courier Service

Filed under Works in Progress

The Retropolis Courier Service

Deliveries seem simple, don’t they? Pick up Thing A from Place B, then take it over to Place C. But it gets surprisingly complicated if Place B is clear on the other side of the City of Tomorrow, hundreds of miles away;Grace Keaton, Courier and if Thing A turns out to be a Cardiophilic Moisture Eliminator, well. Boy Howdy! You’ve got all kinds of trouble.

That’s why we leave package deliveries to the valiant, well-trained delivery persons of the Retropolis Courier Service.

We’ve all admired their splendid livery, and we’ve envied them their compact, high-flying scooters; we’ve gratefully handed them our (usually non-Cardiophilic) packages, and we’ve taken their speedy deliveries from faraway parts.

Very few of us have sent anything into – or out of – the Experimental Research District. But if we have, or if we do, it will be a specially trained Route X Courier who makes sure that package arrives at its destination with a low, low incidence of unpleasant side effects. Special rates apply.

So here we see Grace Keaton, a Route X Courier herself. She seem to be the poster person for the Courier Service.

And of course this is a poster, over at Retropolis; it’s also an archival print, and a coffee mug.

Closeup of the Retropolis Courier Service

Grace is a character I invented for a sequel to Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom. She’s now had a cameo in Professor Wilcox and the Floating Laboratory and she’ll probably return in the sixth Retropolis Registry of Patents story. That’s something I need to get to work on right about now.

By which I mean I don’t really know, myself. Oh, and if you missed it, you can click on the first image to see it way, way bigger. Or you could just click here.


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