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A massive collection of old pulp magazines and reprints for sale, over at AbeBooks

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Abebooks Pulp Collection

I just ran across this curated collection of pulp magazines and reprints over at AbeBooks… a web site that’s like all my childhood’s used bookstores lumped together, but without the dust.

I kind of miss the dust.

But apart from that, there are all sorts of old pulps and paperback reprints over there. As you may imagine, I’m most interested in what we see here (Pulp-O-Mizer fodder!) but there are a great many Westerns and thrillers along with more reprints of Doc Savage and The Shadow than most of us really want to look at.

It may not be Something For Everyone, but it’s a Lot of Things For a Lot of People. You may be one of them.

Abebooks Pulp magazine collection

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