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Some of my covers for The Runestaff (1981-1985)

Filed under Can't Stop Thinking, Works in Progress

Runestaff cover for #3

Yesterday’s post of pen and ink drawings I did for The Runestaff proved to be so popular over on Facebook that I figured I should follow up with more.

As I explained before, though, most of the drawings were auctioned off in fundraisers for the newsletter. I could only find about three or four more originals that I liked well enough to share. So instead I picked through the back issues and chose ten of the covers, which I’ve scanned right off the newsletters themselves.

That means that today’s quality isn’t as high. These covers are over thirty years old, and they were just photocopies even when they were young. But all the same, here they are.

Runestaff cover for #8

I had plenty to say yesterday about my memories of The Runestaff. I doubt I have much to add here. So today, it’s mostly the pictures. As before there are so many of them that I’ve placed most under the “More” link below.

One difference between these covers and the cover drawings I posted yesterday is that these have been pasted into the Runestaff border. We used the same cover border for as long as I worked on the magazine and for at least two issues after my time. Those two are the latest I have, so I don’t know how much longer the border endured.

Paste-ups, for those too young to remember, are what we made when we laid out documents in those high and far-off times.

Runestaff cover for #9
Runestaff cover for #12
Runestaff cover for #21
Runestaff cover for #23
Runestaff cover for #24
Runestaff cover for #25
Runestaff cover for #26
Runestaff cover for #33

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