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Because you don’t need to be male to meddle in things that Man was not meant to wot of

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Back Off: I'm Doing SCIENCE!

Okay, this new t-shirt/poster/etc. was not so much planned as it was inevitable.

STEM programs celebrate Mad Science in all its varieties; after all, there’s no glass ceiling in SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGICAL EVIL MACHINATIONS.

You can cackle in any octave you like, and cackle till the cows come home… or until the cows swoop down over the helpless settlements of your enemies, death rays blazing, with hooves like blades of the sharpest steel. For SCIENCE!

It was only recently that Mad Scientists of a female disposition were paid a mere 70% of what male Mad Scientists took home. But through personal resolve, intense and unflinching bravery, and (finally) the sudden application of electricity, we’ve set that right. The lady scientists of Retropolis can now inspire at least 100% of the fear their male counterparts do.

All is now as it should be.

As usual, this triumph of gender equality can be seen on t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, mousepads, and archival prints.


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