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Back off: I’m Doing Science! returns to the Retropolis Transit Authority

Filed under Works in Progress

Back Off_ I'm Doing SCIENCE

What does it take to get those hysterical lab assistants to give you a little elbow room? With all their flustered objections when you’re just about to inject the Essence Of Life into your new Invisible Squidlike Sentient Lifeform?

So what if it regenerates and (if Igor’s correct) may have telepathy and a lethal proboscis? Those babies.

You’d think that a polite cough, or the occasional kick, would make them back away and let you get down to it. But nooooo.

Now, you’ll still need their assistance tomorrow – that is, if Igor’s not correct – so my advice is, keep this in view at all times.

Point at it. Back Off: I’m Doing Science!

As you’ve surely guessed by now, this is the latest of my new, improved and modern! revisions to older T-Shirt designs at the Retropolis Transit Authority. I’ve got just 1.5 new designs to go – plus four troublesome bits of editing on some others – and then I guess I’ll have redone what most needed to be redone, at which point I’ll lean back and say “My job here is redone!” because, by then, my brain will be tired and it won’t be paying any attention to grammar any more.


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