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The fantastic ray guns and ray gun kits of Resinator Lab

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Retro Space Ray Gun from Resinator Lab

Sci Fi Raygun by Resinator LabThis beautiful ray gun – a contest entry – turned up in my Facebook feed a few days ago, and that led me to the Facebook page and the web site for Resinator Lab.

Resinator Lab, with its battered worktables and laser-scarred parts bins, is lit by vacuum tubes that flicker in a very nearly non-threatening way; it’s the workplace of Rolando Gutierrez, and it’s also the place where you’ll find these fantastic ray guns from the future we never got. If we ever do get that future, of course, you’ll want to have something like these in your holster. Because of those things with an unlikely number of arms, out there in the alley.

At the Resinator Lab web site you’ll find fine examples of retro futuristic weaponry. Some are available fully assembled and painted, while others can be had as kits. You can see the Atomizer Laser kit below.

The site’s gallery page shows some beauty shots of guns built by Gutierrez himself, and some by others.

But it’s hard to beat that contest gun up at the top. What a beauty!

Raygun of the Retro Future Retrofuturistic ray gun
One response to “The fantastic ray guns and ray gun kits of Resinator Lab
Ray says:
December 7th, 2014 at 2:32 am

Outstanding ray-guns–the artistry of design draws you in. I’ve been around long enough that I remember listening to “Sky King” on the radio, before anyone I knew even had a television. These ray-guns are definitely the kind of stuff I will want to help you sell via my soon-to-be affiliate site.

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