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A third untextured rocket model, and the provenance of rocket names

Filed under Works in Progress

Untextured retro rocket model

With this third untextured, unfinished model of a retro rocket I’ve probably blown off all the steam I should. Tomorrow morning I’ll set these aside and get started on my revisions to the illustrations for Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom.

Someday I’ll want to use these rockets, and then I’ll go back to work on their textures, their other materials, and the final details on the dashboards. And I’ll come up with names for the three of them, too. Lately I’ve been leaning toward inappropriate names from mythology (like "Actaeon"), as though a rocket designer with very little knowledge of mythology paged through his Bullfinch at the last moment and picked a name. "Let’s call it the Icarus!", for example, although that one’s a little too obvious.

By the time I name these, though, I might have shifted over to something else. Like famous streamlined vacuum cleaners, or unsung character actors from Warner Brothers in the 1930’s. I’m unpredictable that way. And probably a little odd.


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