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Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom – behind the scenes extra!

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Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom: Characters in the Green Room

I don’t often show behind-the-scenes images from my work here in the Secret Laboratory. This may be a character defect. I’ve wondered about that before.

But people do get curious; it’s natural enough. So here’s a rare shot from behind the scenes that explains what happens between the time I build and texture a character, and the time that character shows up in an illustration. That may take weeks, or even months, so the Secret Laboratory’s Green Room is as comfortable as I can make it.

In this corner of the Green Room we see R-54KG and Davies. They’re catching up on the latest news until they’re needed for Chapter 18.

The characters in the Green Room amuse themselves in all sorts of ways, many of which require some clean-up and damage control because, well… that’s just how they are. Increasingly, though, they’ve kept their noses buried in their Info-Slates: they just tune out the other characters around them. Now I myself have been accused of being on the introverted side, but this behavior strikes even me as antisocial. So I’m planning to add some board games.

The Green Room’s come a long way since Trapped in the Tower of the Brain Thieves. Back then, there wasn’t even a Craft Service table. Hard to believe!

2 responses to “Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom – behind the scenes extra!
rainycity1 says:
May 24th, 2014 at 3:26 pm

I find this post interesting as it was rather a ‘work in progress’ post on Tallie that first started me following your blog and your work..

not gone, just lurking…

Bradley W. Schenck says:
May 24th, 2014 at 3:56 pm

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