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Retro Rockets for the weekend: rocket table lamps and a sculpture of my Hepmobile

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Retro Rocket lamp by highdesertdreams

Today, like most days, is Retro Rocket Day here in the Secret Laboratory, and what you see above is something I’d sure like to see in here with me: it’s a fantastic rocket lamp, one of a series that’s available from Etsy seller highdesertdreams (Frank Luedtke & Lin Mullins).

In fact… I’d like them all, I think. Why practice moderation at a time like this?

Made mostly of different woods and metals, and finished with acrylic paint, these hail from Arizona: a state of wide open skies, clear views of the galaxy, and (now) of lamps that look like they could take you out there. Me, I’d just like to read a book by their light. But I may have diminished expectations.

Hepmobile retro rocket sculpture by Kate ArthurToday seems to be a day for rockets. My other discovery of the afternoon tickles me especially because as we see on the right, DeviantArt artist Kate Arthur has made a miniature model of my Hepmobile rocket from Retropolis (notably, Gwen Hopkins’ ride from Trapped in the Tower of the Brain Thieves and The Lair of the Clockwork Book).

This one’s a styrene and acrylic sculpture. I can’t tell you how big it is (though I wonder) but I’m pretty sure it’s not full size.

The Hepmobile is the VW Bug or Morris Minor of Retropolis. They’re simple enough that just about anybody can keep one running, and they last forever, so long as you remember to tighten the baling wire from time to time. It’s nice to see this one so shiny and new.

You can see three views of Kate’s version here, and here, and here.


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