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A Plethora of mid-century science fiction art from Mister Doortree’s The Golden Age

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Although it seems quiet on the blog front, as usual that just means I’m raising dust and pushing pixels elsewhere.

But while I’ve been stapled to something entirely different, the unsleeping scanner of Mister Doortree at The Golden Age has been treating us all to some wonderful old dust jacket and cover art from mid-century science fiction and fantasy. There’s a smörgåsbord of cover art in every link! To wit:

Hannes Bok book jacket art
Hannes Bok

Virgil Finlay Book Cover art
Virgil Finlay

Dust jacket art by Alex Schomburg
Alex Schomburg

Science fiction illustration by Frank R. Paul
Frank R. Paul

Dust jacket art by Edd Cartier
Edd Cartier

Pulp Science fiction nagazine cover by Howard V. Brown
Howard V. Brown

Miscellaneous Sci Fi cover art
Miscellaneous cover artists

There. Don’t say I never gave you anything. I’ll be back soon.


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