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Coming next week: The Retropolis Rocket Print Kickstarter campaign with BONUS Pulp-O-Mizer rewards

Filed under Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual, Works in Progress

As usual, when things are quiet at the blog it means that I’m up to something. And I am.

I’ve been putting together a new Kickstarter project that’s not quite like my others. The object of the project is to create a limited edition archival print… but it doesn’t stop there. Because in addition to making the picture I’m going to be facing my deepest, creepiest fears by showing people how I did it.

I really hate doing that: but for you, I’ll do anything. Or, anyway, I’ll do this: while I work on the new picture I’m going to keep extensive notes, and I’ll make screen grabs and save some of my hundreds of test renderings and when it’s all done I’m going to assemble all that material into a “Making Of” video that – for backers of the project – will be about as complete a provenance as you can imagine for the limited edition prints. Expect to see and hear more about this next week when I launch the project.

But wait! There’s more!

One of the most important problems in a crowdfunding project is to get people to spread the word. All people, in fact, but especially those with a broad enough platform that they can reach a whole bunch of people themselves: bloggers, podcasters, and so on. So how do you recruit them?

There are lots of answers to that question. I guess I don’t know any of them. But the answer I’m proposing is that you offer them something that – I hope – they want. To do that I will fire up the PULP-O-MIZER‘s special, untested Here’s What You Want attachment, and I’ll offer to make customized title graphics for those brave backers who sign on for these Bonus Rewards.

The Pulp-O-Mizer rewards will kick in when the project’s funding reaches certain milestones. There will be a limited number of Pulp-O-Mizer rewards available at each level. And at each level the Pulp-O-Mizer rewards will cost a little bit more than they did at the last level. A blogger, podcaster, band or other entity that really wants a custom Pulp-O-Mizer title graphic would be well advised to get on the boat early; and if all those bonus rewards are taken, that would-be backer ought to be motivated to use every means at his or her disposal to promote the project, so that the next level will get unlocked.

See what I did there? Offer something that people with a lot of reach may want, and make them use that reach to get it. It’s a million to one chance… but it might… just… work.

Edit: it’s ALIIIIIIVE!


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