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Matthew Hughes’ Archonate Bookstore is now open for business

Filed under Web Development

Matthew Hughes' Archonate Bookstore In spite of the Pulp-O-Mizer going crazy across Twitter and Facebook and web sites near and far, I have had work to do; and today I finished up one important task that probably shouldn’t have taken me so long. It’s the online bookstore for Matthew Hughes, the author of the Archonate stories (Majestrum, The Spiral Labyrinth, and Hespira, among them).

The first two eBooks to be available are Fools Errant and Fool Me Twice, Hughes’ early novels that set the stage for the Archonate and introduced us to its future Archon, Filidor.

The books are available in three formats: .mobi (for the Kindle and some other readers), ePub (for the Nook, the iPad, and lots of other readers), and PDF, which can be read by pretty much anything, except for horses. They just can’t seem to get the hang of it..

There should be more books coming online soon, too, and they won’t all necessarily be stories from the Archonate. Hughes is taking this chance to convert his whole backlist to electronic formats as those rights revert to him.

So go visit the Archonate Bookstore, already. It’s still all warm from the oven!


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