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The Answer is ‘Coffee’. The Subject of Your Question is Immaterial.

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The Answer is Coffee: the Subject of Your Question is ImmaterialYou may have discovered that, when it comes down to it, only a very small percentage of the questions people ask you are significant. That’s not surprising, really; what is surprising is that recent empirical testing has revealed that every one of those questions can be answered with the same word. That word is "Coffee".

The subject of the question, it turns out, is immaterial. The answer, always, is "Coffee".

So in this design for posters and T-shirts for Retropolis I have supplied a helpful list of subjects that you might be asked about in the course of a typical day; topics like "That Disturbing Smell in the Laboratory", "Why We Call It a Death Ray", "Giant Atomic Ferrets", and so on. Chances are that any question you’re asked will fall into one of these categories and now, armed with this shirt or poster, you can simply point rather casually to that subject in the list, and indicate your coffee mug, which possibly is empty, and hey presto, you’re done.

Because Coffee is the answer to all of life’s little peccadilloes and problems, including the problem of when you’ll ever be able to use the word "peccadilloes" in a sentence.

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