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At Retropolis: Return of the The Ladies’ World Domination Society

Filed under Works in Progress

The universal leisure we enjoy in Retropolis makes it possible for us to join all sorts of book clubs, civic organizations, charities, and secret societies.

One group that manages to be a combination of all of the above is the Retropolis Ladies’ World Domination Society.

You know them: you grew up surrounded by them. They may have invited you to tea. Their motto is Don’t MAKE Me Come Down There.

‘Down There’, of course, refers to anything below, and within range of, their Orbiting Tea Room and Global Obliteration Platform. Armed with lethal, color coordinated ray guns, these determined ladies are an unstoppable force for order, style, and niceness.

Membership is for life, and is by invitation only.

Thats about all I’m comfortable saying on the subject. I spent six years in a camouflaged dome, after that other time.

So here’s the new, improved version of one of my older T-Shirt designs for The Retropolis Transit Authority. I’m gradually working my way through some of those older ones. I started this redo sometime last year, but the Thrilling Tales schedule wouldn’t cooperate and so I’ve just now finished it on, of course, T-shirts, a poster, an archival print, a coffee mug and mousepad, all at Retropolis.

Curiously, the Ladies’ World Domination Society is Inspired by Actual Events.

One response to “At Retropolis: Return of the The Ladies’ World Domination Society
Anonymous says:
May 19th, 2012 at 11:53 pm

You are the bomb! Fabulous art! Fabulous humor!
A fabulous Zazzle store! What an awesome design…I am just starting my own store – GirlOnFireFraphics – kitsch, vintage women-breaking-barriers, converse and circus art…weird and lacking your talent, but I will send my friends your way! Bravo! Great art and an inspiring website/zazzle store…more nerd chick humor would be GREAT!

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