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Thrilling Tales – Much Ado About Something, or Some Ado About Some Things

Filed under Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual, Works in Progress

New People of the Retro Future

It’s been a sort of potluck, catch as catch can week here in the Secret Laboratory. I’ve got several irons in the fire for the print editions of The Lair of the Clockwork Book while – around the edges and in between – I’ve been working on the character designs for people who will be Very Important in the next serial story at Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual.

Having these folks staring at me (or, anyway, staring off to my right) is pretty helpful as I soak in just who they are and what that means. This can all percolate and get where it’s going while I work on other things, as I need to do.

Clockwork Book Limited Edition Stamp

I’ve received my custom stamp for the limited edition copies of The Lair of the Clockwork Book and it’s just what I wanted. I can see, though, that I’ll need to practice my stamping before I turn myself loose on those handsome (and expensive) books.

I’m waiting for two other significant deliveries: the first proof copy of the paperback version of the book and a set of linen samples from the bookbinder of the hardcover edition. I’ve done a first pass at the cover stamp design for the hardcover edition, too. I’m quite happy with it but I know that there will be some technical limits on the level of detail I can have… while I don’t have clear guidelines for what those limits are. So I can expect some revisions to that design when we get to it.

I’ve been exploring endpaper ideas, too. Printed endpapers weren’t part of the preliminary quote that I used as the basis of the Kickstarter drive, but I’d really like to add them to the hardcover edition. We’ll just have to see.

I’ve even explored the possibilities for my Thrilling Tales Intermission, which is what I’m calling an interim "story" for the Thrilling Tales site. That’ll bridge the gap between the end of The Lair of the Clockwork Book and the beginning of The Next Thing – which will take a little while longer than I’d like, partly because I’m also going back to work on Part Two of The Toaster With TWO BRAINS. That one’s just got to get done, no matter what else I’m doing.

The Toaster With TWO BRAINS, Part Two

So there you have it. There’s quite a bit going on over here, unlike the front page of this blog – which is starting to get cluttered with more and more Thrilling Tales page updates. I really need to drop the occasional post in between those updates but as you can see, I’m juggling a lot of knives at the moment.


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