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Thrilling Tales updates are now on Twitter, and diverse other matters

Filed under Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual, Works in Progress

Thrilling Tales Updates - now on Twitter

After a couple of rounds of testing this morning I’ve got page update notifications for Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual now up and running on Twitter; it’s a little less optimal from my end than the RSS feed, but it should work perfectly well for the rest of you.

I don’t know yet whether I’ll use that Twitter account for anything else, but if I do I promise to tweet responsibly. Meaning, no OMG THIS COFFEE IS HOT. BUT NOT TOO HOT. JUST REALLY HOT. Sort of thing.

With that extracurricular task I think I’ve finished off my current round on The Lair of the Clockwork Book. Like last time, I’ve never caught up the entire sixteen weeks I like to see in the buffer – I’m at thirteen weeks, now – and I think this is a lesson of some kind involving math, hours, Achilles, and a tortoise. I’ll figure it out.

And just as I did last time around I’m stealing the missing days from Part Two of The Toaster With TWO BRAINS, poor thing. Having a running serial really does make it difficult to keep that second story on track. Being as we’re in the time of year we’re in, I’m also going to have to spend some time doing holiday refits for my other web sites; so TWO BRAINS, with its illustrations just a third done (so far!) is about to take another hit.

I guess the good news that when I return to The Lair of the Clockwork Book there will only be about twenty-five more illustrations to go – although when I remember that I wrote crowd scenes into the finale, I question just how good that news is. In fact I somehow wrote crowd scenes into my upcoming pages for TWO BRAINS, as well. How I managed to get those matching mobs right up against each other in the schedule is a whole different question that should probably involve therapy.


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