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Save 30% – or even 40% – on T-Shirt orders from The Retropolis Transit Authority, Saga Shirts, and Hot Wax Tees

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Space Pirate T-Shirts T-Shirts on sale! Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards

From now through July 15 you can get 30% off on qualifying orders from The Retropolis Transit Authority, Saga Shirts, and Hot Wax Tees by entering the coupon code GoBig50 during your checkout.

"And what is a qualifying order?", you ask. Before I answer I dip my nose well into my mug of coffee, and I mumble to myself while counting on my fingers. Because it’s a little hard to explain. But on most orders of three shirts or more you can save 30% – yep, a nice, fat 30% discount. The discount’s based on something you can’t see, though, and so it’s confusing.

It all depends on the cost to produce a particular shirt, not the retail price: so while three dark colored shirts (which are expensive to produce) qualify for the discount, three white shirts (less costly to produce) don’t. On the other hand, an order for two dark shirts and one white shirt will qualify. So if you try it on an order and the coupon code doesn’t work, well, you could always throw another shirt in there to push it over the top, and yes, I do know exactly how self-serving that sounded, believe me. But it’s true.

Clockwork Book Airship T-shirtThis includes a couple of redesigns of my "There’s an Art to Rocket Science" and "Having a Swell Time in the Future – Wish You Were Here!" shirts. Along with, you know, everything else.

And if you’ve made it this far you should also know that there’s a similar deal for 40% off on orders even larger (call it a minimum of five of the more costly shirts). To get that one, which I heartily recommend, use the coupon code GoBig100.


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