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Alexander Bruce’s “Hazard: The Journey of Life” is an original game concept, for once

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I like everything I see about this indie game in development but that just can’t compete with how well I like the last line in the video: “Made by a single person who had an idea”.

But maybe that’s just me. Whether or not this is true, plenty of other people have liked what they see: it’s the grand prize winner in Epic’s "Make Something Unreal" contest; it’s won awards from a couple of other competitions; it’s currently competing in the Indie Game Challenge; it’s attracted the omniscient interest of Sony; and it’s not even done yet.

I’m not very interested in games these days, but this one interests me. It might just be the revenge of every kind of game that was slaughtered by the first person shooter, made with the tools of first person shooters, which would have a lovely symmetry.

Found via Ars Technica.


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