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Genuine Thermos Thermal Containment Units Available at Retropolis

Filed under Works in Progress

Thermal Containment Devices from the Future!‘I wouldn’t dream of entrusting my thermally sensitive materials to anything less than a genuine Thermos® device.’

– Harry Roy, Shift Supervisor, the Ferriss Moto-Man Corporation

Harry Roy knows his thermal containment devices. As you can guess, his work at the Ferriss Moto-Man Corporation demands the most effective thermal containment possible in today’s modern world: whether Harry brings a flask full of coffee to work or – daringly! – if he abandons convention and brings a flask of lemonade instead, Harry’s position requires him to keep that vital fluid at a constant temperature.

But how can it know? How can any thermal containment unit keep hot things hot, while also keeping cold things cold? How can it possibly know the difference?

Well, it’s just lucky for Harry (and for you!) that the mad geniuses behind these stylish, stainless steel Thermos® units have solved that problem for us all.

It’s great to live in the Future, isn’t it?

Yep. Like Harry Roy, you too can keep your hot things hot and your cold things cold without wondering which way to throw the switch, through the advanced retro-futuristic technologies of Retropolis, and those Thermos® guys.


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