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More Enhancements to the Retropolis Mug-O-Matic: Now with Optional Randomness

Filed under Works in Progress

Atomic Brain of DoomI’ve been welding enhancements onto the Mug-O-Matic with no regard for my personal safety, and lots of regard for automatically generating the strangest pulp sci fi titles in history… on coffee mugs. Because coffee is important. And it gets all over your lap if you don’t use a mug.

The Mug-O-Matic now has a panel you can use to enter your very own, not-random titles; also, I’ve added a selection of premade mugs with some of my favorite titles, like "Vengeance of the Librarian of Chaos", "The Atomic Brain of Doom", and "The Astronomer That Misplaced the Galaxy".

I’m thinking about decaf now. It might be a good idea.

[tags]random title generator, title o tron, retropolis, mug o matic, pulp science fiction, coffee mugs[/tags]


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