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Vintage Pulp Cover Art from ‘Fantastic Novels’, at Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Filed under Found on the Web

Thrill! to twenty-five covers for Fantastic Novels, from 1941 to 1951, at Golden Age Comic Book Stories!

Gasp! at the striking cover art by Frank R. Paul, Virgil Finlay, Norman Saunders, Lawrence Sterne Stevens, and Raphael DeSoto!

Be Amazed! to discover that most of the A. Merritt stories I read in the early seventies seem to have first seen print here, in these Astounding Pages!

Well. Or not. I mean, that’s probably more amazing to me than to you. And doesn’t that space ship on the left have a duck’s head? Yep. I thought so.

Great stuff here. Everything from Finlay’s rifleman on the back of a giant mutant bee to the unashamed mad science of this beaker-bearing biologist with his tiny man in a tube.

Just the thing for a Monday morning. Trust me on this one.


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