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“Thrilling Tales” Kickstarter Update and the Fall of a Mighty Monitor

Filed under Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual

Mostly because my Kickstarter update has scrolled off the front page of my blog and, well, I just can’t have that… here it is again.

You don’t get much historical perspective here since the image updates while the pledges roll in… but let’s see. My last Kickstarter update here was six days ago. At that time we’d raised almost 20% of the goal – while today we’re at 32%. That’s almost a third of the way, in 22% of the time.

That’s great progress!

As I predicted, though, the traffic at the Thrilling Tales site is tapering off since its incoming links have begun to grow stale. I figure that’ll continue and I’m sure it’ll affect the rate of new pledges.

This is happening alongside my discovery that the eyestrain I’ve been noticing lately has a cause: my Once-Mighty Monitor has entered a new phase in its long, slow decline. A phase in which focus has become a relative thing.

Since a monitor of mine has got to have unusually good specs (contrast, color fidelity, sharpness), I’m now cheering on the Kickstarter project with a whole new level of enthusiasm. Though I hadn’t exactly factored in the cost of a new Mighty Monitor when I launched at Kickstarter.

So: life, lemons, check. Next?

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