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Burroughs/Frazetta Paperback Cover Gallery at Golden Age Comic Book Stories

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Frazetta SpaceshipsMister Doortree’s Golden Age Comic Book Stories – which doesn’t limit itself to comics, but also features collections of work from all sorts of illustrators – has punched my buttons yet again with this gallery of art by Frank Frazetta.

Some of the pieces are collaborations with Roy G. Krenkel, and they come from the old Ace paperbacks of Edgar Rice Burroughs from the sixties and early seventies… which are the editions I read, as it happens, and I’m sure that contributes to the button punching I mentioned.

The big one at right is one of my favorites, and one I wish had been offered as a print (I’m pretty sure it never has). It and a few of the others are from Burroughs’ Venus series, which is the series I continue to like best, and whose Frazetta covers I’ve always also liked in gobs and cartloads.

3 responses to “Burroughs/Frazetta Paperback Cover Gallery at Golden Age Comic Book Stories
Digger says:
December 8th, 2009 at 2:37 pm

Ya’ can’t get betta than Frazetta!

Sorry. Great stuff, and even better coincidental timing, as I just purchased a bunch of art books and one of them was the Frazetta “Legacy” book. (Some of the others I picked up include Roger Dean’s “Dragon’s Dream,” and the out-of-print “Art of Michael Whelan.”)

I hope to add a book of digital Retropolis art to my collection, just waiting on an announcement from this Schenck guy! For now, I’ll sport one of his t-shirts…

Bradley W. Schenck says:
December 8th, 2009 at 3:24 pm

I really wish that more of his retro science fiction work – like this Venus cover, and his Buck Rogers covers for “Famous Funnies” – was available in reproductions.

I actually do have a book project in the works. But that’s a long process and at the moment, pretty speculative. If the publisher decides against it, though, I’ll very likely do a print-on-demand version of the book. It’s sort of tickled my fancy, which is more ticklish than I realized.

There will also be POD print versions of the “Thrilling Tales” stories when they begin to show up.

J. David Spurlock says:
March 14th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

The space ships above, influenced crafts I drew in my Space Cowboy comics.

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