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Truly Awesome Retro Future Sculptures by Gary Haas

Filed under Hodgepodge

sci fi sculpture by gary haas

I’ve just unpacked a wonderful acrylic sculpture by Gary Haas – it is not the one you see pictured here, but it’s very similar – and it’s an amazing and beautiful piece of work. More pictures of this one are at his Deviant Art page, and the sculpture pictured here is currently for sale at Etsy.

Gary carves these from solid blocks of acrylic using tools that I’m trying to picture in my mind. I know that they’re rotary tools (which describes a heck of a lot of powered tools, when you think about it) but in order to do the undercuts it seems as though a cutting bit would have to deploy whirling flanges of death after it was already inserted. Which, you know, is really cool. In fact I’ll continue to believe in retractable whirling flanges of death even after I find out I’m totally wrong.

Because some things just ought to exist. And to get back on topic, this sculpture is one of ’em.

Gary seems to think I’m inspirational, and I sure won’t argue with him ("Whirling flanges of Death!") Either way I’m awfully glad to have this in my office. My advice: you should have one too.

Update: he’s just posted a photo of mine at Deviant art. It’s here.

2 responses to “Truly Awesome Retro Future Sculptures by Gary Haas
Doc Atomic says:
August 4th, 2009 at 12:49 pm

I refuse to believe a human carved this using human tools — whirling flanges or death or otherwise. Nope, impossible. Teeny, tiny space aliens from the future, on the other hand, might be able to pull this off. They have advanced technology and, you know, itty-bitty fingers.

Seriously, that’s amazing. Beautiful work, and a perfect medium for the subject matter. Thanks for posting this!

Marquette says:
May 20th, 2010 at 11:52 am

These sculptures are definetley going to be a hit in the future. I really hope I will see these in famous museums!

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