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Space Pirates & Space Patrol Vie for your Enlistment

Filed under Works in Progress

Space Pirate
Space Patrol

Dueling recruiting posters from the Retro Future promote a couple of career opportunities available through school career guidance centers.

“Space Piracy”

Space Piracy! A wide-open field in which the sky is, in fact, not the limit. Where any able space man or woman can rise through the ranks not merely because of experience or merit, but due to his or her devious and ruthless exploitation of social interactions.

In this, space piracy is like most of the day jobs I’ve had.

..and the “Space Patrol”!

If it were a thankless job it would still need doing – but happily, the Space Patrol is almost universally admired, and there are benefits – edible food! Spartan accommodations! Your own ray gun! Affable second lieutenants!

By signing on, you will enter into a new career of interplanetary adventure: you may meet, and blast into small quivering bits, the Awful Green Things From Space! Pursue Space Pirates! Endure a station rotation in corners of the galaxy where nothing has ever happened and where, almost certainly, nothing ever will!

Each is available (even if you don’t enlist) on t-shirts at the Retropolis Transit Authority, and on coffee mugs, greeting cards and other gear at the Retropolis Travel Bureau – two agencies, each committed to finding career paths for the enterprising youth of the Future That Never Was.

Also available on posters, blank books and whatnot at Celtic Art & Retro-Futuristic Design.


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