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Buy 100 Fembots, Become Busby-Berkeley: Priceless

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Robots Rule treats us to this video review – there’s a longer, text review on the site – of WowWee’s new Femisapien robot. She walks, she dances, she has a built-in “Backup Singer” mode, and she can even attack other fembots with a sword. Yes, it’s true: my lifelong goal of commanding a force of Busby-Berkeley space pirates in ostrich plumes may be at hand.

Seriously, though, she does have a fairly simple interface for learning new behaviors and looks like a fun, if nearly useless, little project. I think you could say the same for almost any commercial robotics project these days – though MIT’s stair climbing robot was pretty impressive – and, in a pinch, she’ll even dance with you.

Get one now, before they organize.

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