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“Lighthouse” Animation from ProMotion Studios

Filed under Computer Graphics, Found on the Web

"Lighthouse" CG animationAs part of Liberty Mutual’s “Responsibility Project” for short films, ProMotion Studios produced this beautiful short animation called “Lighthouse”. Very nice work – a good story, technically excellent, and with several very nicely observed character actions.

You can see it in low resolution here (Flash player), in high resolution here (Quicktime), and you may also want to visit the Responsibility Project site or ProMotion.

One response to ““Lighthouse” Animation from ProMotion Studios
Dan Mowry says:
June 27th, 2008 at 10:57 pm

That was very charming and I agree about the thoughtful character behaviors.

I think I’m just as pleased to see nice, soft shadows, light blooms, and that wonderful depth of field being used without going over the top – it really was done well.

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