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Vintage “Star Pirate” Comic at Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Filed under Found on the Web

Star Pirate - vintage space pirate comicsHot off the web pages of Golden Age Comic Book Stories is this eight page story by Murphy Anderson, from Planet Comics in 1945.

I have to admit I’m not sure why our hero’s actually named Star Pirate, why he hangs out with an obese space pirate named Blackbeard, or whether he actually is a pirate. He seems like a pretty straight arrow to me.

But none of that’s very important when you discover that you’re in a world where towering robots buy all the slaves at a slave auction and almost no one is curious about why they want them; or when you find that there’s a mad scientist at work, which of course is reassuring – but most importantly, we learn here that dipping people in tallow will preserve them in a state of suspended animation. Hot? Yes. Disgusting? You bet. But oh, so useful.

The story spans two posts on this page.


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