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Size: 3K
Size: 3K
(transparent background) (transparent background)
Size: 5.97K
Size: 15.8K
(transparent background)  
Size: 14.2K
Size: 14.2K
(transparent background) (transparent background)
Size: 10.3K
Size: 10.3K
(transparent background) (transparent background)
Size: 7.48K
Size: 7.48K
(transparent background) (transparent background)
Size: 46.6K
(transparent background)

Face it: this is a huge file. If you find a use for it, try not to put any other unique graphics on that page. For example, you might have used several of the Celtic backdrops and border designs on pages a visitor will see before linking to the page the bird is on; those earlier graphics files will now be in the visitor's cache, so they won't have to be downloaded anew if you use them on the bird page. That'll leave the bird as the only new graphics file to be downloaded.

The bird (which has a transparent background) actually works very well over some of the softer backdrop patterns on the Celtic Backdrops page.




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These designs are all copyright Bradley W. Schenck, 1997 & 1998, but may be used without fee by individuals for non-commercial web projects. If you're building your own web site, and you don't make money from the site, feel free to use these designs. If you are profiting by building a site for someone else, do not use them. If you are creating your own commercial site, do not use them. If you want to use one of these designs as a tattoo, a stationery design for your personal email, or want to make an object for your own use (not for sale) using one of these designs, go ahead. It is specifically prohibited for anyone other than the artist to include these images in a collection of clip art, whether for profit or not. Got it?

If you use these designs on your web pages, I would be grateful for a credit and, if possible, a link to: http://www.webomator.com/bws.

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"Trade them for a package of sunshine
and flowers.
If you want the things you love, you must
have showers.
So when you hear it thunder don't run
under a tree,
There'll be Pennies From Heaven for you and me."


"Pennies From Heaven" by John Burke & Arthur Johnston, 1936


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