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Monthly Archives: October 2007
Celtic Knotwork Peace Sign – where the 1960’s meet the 960’s

Filed under Works in Progress

Celtic Peace SymbolHere’s a symbol I’ve wanted to remake with Celtic knotwork for, well, a long time – a Peace sign.

And having made it, I’ve produced it for T-shirts (in both silver and gold versions), posters, cards, mugs, boxes, framed tiles, and coasters. I get that way.

Give Peace a chance, okay?

Please consider helping me to continue my creative work and deal with the financial aftermath of cancer
Retro futuristic dames continue their conquest of the secret laboratory

Filed under Computer Graphics, Works in Progress

RosieIt’s still all about the girls here in the Secret Laboratory. Though not the way you think, which I guess is sort of unfortunate.

Nope, I’m continuing my work on a set of characters who are all retro-futuristic and are all, not to put too fine a point on it, Babes. Dames. Skirts. Frails.

I’ve done a bit more work with Crazy Bump, the normal map maker I mentioned earlier, and I’m liking it more than ever.

Ladies World Domination Society Tees Death Ray Tees
“Shake Ya Boogie” animates Mocean Worker

Filed under Computer Graphics, Found on the Web

This thing just makes me happy. “Shake ya Boogie” is an animation by Czarek Kwaśny set to the song by Mocean Worker, AKA Adam Dorn. It’s got a terrific mix of thirties-style animation, dancing wrenches, and retro industrial madness – all with a good old scratchy film chaser.

The music (from the “Cinco de Mowo” CD) likewise morphs from the present day to the raw, uncontainable jazz of the 20s and 30s. I was glad to discover the CD, which features a guest turn by Herb Alpert.

See the animation here, or go for broke and get the “Cinco de Mowo” CD. Or, you know, do both. You’re unstoppable.

Deathly silence, a space pirate, and normal maps

Filed under Computer Graphics, Works in Progress

Space Pirate & Normal MapIt’s been quiet in here lately, but for good reason; I’m working on a set of characters for a project, and character work always takes a lot out of me – although this part’s fun. Just don’t ask me about rigging and skinning them. I get nightmares.

This is a space pirate and I have indeed been having a great time working on her. She just needs hair and that rigging-and-skinning process that I mentioned I have issues with.

While I was working on her ray gun I experimented with the beta version of Crazy Bump, an excellent normal map generator. Back in my game days we always used the Nvidia normal map plugin for Photoshop (there wasn’t much else to use) and I wasn’t ever exactly thrilled with what we were able to get out of it.

Crazy Bump, on the other hand, has several tools for analzying your texture maps. It can look for large 3D shapes in the image, and it can find large, medium, or fine levels of detail in it. Once it’s discovered all of those things you’re able to mix their levels together, as well as the overall strength of the normal map, to get just the shapes you’re after. You can blend images together, and you can edit existing normal maps, too. Very nice!

It’s free standing (so it works for any 3D app) and during the beta, it’s free.

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